Currently living in Brisbane’s north side, I am an artist inspired by nature’s beauty, fantasy and technology. I relish in many aspects of creativity, whether that is on the computer producing digital designs or walking around the garden or nearby creek with camera in tow in search of an interesting bug or flower or simply painting inside where I just immerse myself and time just drifts away. The Brisbane community has many creative talents and I know of and am friends with several artists covering a variety of media and enjoy checking out their latest accomplishments and viewing a variety of art exhibitions urgers me to try different approaches and concepts. Many years ago I came across an AstroLog annual publication which featured these amazing zodiac illustrations which became a great incentive to me and resulted in the majority of the ladies you see in my collection and more recently I participated in a workshop with the artist Jenni Kelly who similarly the muse for some of my bird art pieces.
Chelsea's Beach 60 x 90cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]
Summer Butterfly 53 x 86cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]
Flutterby 61 x 61cm Acrylic & glod leaf on canvas [entry-title]
Butterfly 54 x 86cm Acrylic on wooden board [entry-title]
Tronchetto Lido di Venezia 60 x 90cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]
Southbank Markets 66 x 101cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]
Pelican 30 x 40cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]
Elements 66 x 101cm Acrylic on canvas. [entry-title]
Kookie 51 x 61cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]
Angelina 50 x 90cm Acrylic on canvas - Framed [entry-title]
Angelica 61 x 76cm  Oil pastel on canvas board - Framed [entry-title]
Maskell Sunset 60 x 60cm Acrylic on canvas [entry-title]